this is me, while walking around in the lovely forest near my home

Why green is my colour?

Because green is the symbol of life, health, growth, youth and the modern eco-conscious way of living. It recalls the shades of nature, the flora and the fauna of this amazing planet. Also, it is the colour associated with the heart chakra, the emotional centre of real creation, and most importantly, it has a lot to do with my ideas and goals.

Some unofficial introduction

I admit I have a great passion for animals. For a couple of years, I was a volunteer at a croc zoo, that’s where my love for reptiles comes from. Actually, I have three adopted turtles and I keep helping the Franklin Park Foundation – a nonprofit entity to save homeless pet turtles.

I always enjoyed learning languages, I can speak English, Japanese, German and French. I think it’s a special privilege to glimpse into the souls of other nations.

Thanks to my ‘civil’ job I am familiar with certain IT fields and I am an avid learner. I studied some Python for data analysis, UX, photogrammetry, and the use of automation testing tools like Selenium and Cucumber. My daily work is normally some Business analysis stuff.

I also have an artistic side, I have a couple of graphics and paintings which were exhibited many years before. I wrote movie scripts, poems, novels, a trilogy, an autobiography and many more.


The published writings

I am present on Wattpad too, check here. Writings I dared to show there:

Tortuga, Bacteria-like, Disclose, Knitting needles, The lovely eggplant, Aus den Wolken

Sample stuff, a few poems:
L’étoile, Aus den Wolken, Hyperbolic mandala matrix, Ambulance car

My ex-site from 2007:

ex-site's main page
It was very cool with hover-on effects and hoards of downloadable things.
ex-site's reading room

Music samples at Soundcloud, my “works” come here (I committed them while I was attending to a music course by the Australian Adelaide University in 2016, summer):

Rs-Cuneiform, Rs-Alienzzzzz

Okay, they are mostly just rhytmical noise… I’ve learned to play the piano for two years and signing for one whole year, but I never felt any calling to make music. I leave that to others… 🙂