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I am a writer and screenwriter. I was born in Hungary and from 1997-2001 I studied library and informatics, which included political science and philosophy as well. I graduated with an MA degree. As a writer, I’d love to transform the ideas, notions and emotions that come to me into words the best way I can. I have been writing novels and poems in several languages (Hungarian, English, French, German) since childhood. I compose essays, historical novels, tales and poems. I also have some experience in graphic and design.

As a communicative person, it always fascinated me that by learning other languages one can take a glimpse into other cultures. As though a lingo would magically open a door to other people, and other ways of perceiving this amazing world we are living in. I speak English fairly well, I have been learning German for ten years, Japanese for six years, French for four years and Russian for eight years. I can do with a little Latin and Greek as well. Adding to these, I picked up a little of Arabic and Hebrew.

Here is the collection of the interviews

Ebooks in Hungarian available

The ebook version of Protector – Visszatért emlékek and the autobiography titled Valaki meghalt és én élhetek is available in great bookstores like Bookline or Libri.

Hungarian version published

The Hungarian version of the Protector – Recovering Memories has been published and it is available in print.

The Wider Context site is created

In the end of April I created a Google site for this essay and for the numerous slides and pictures that were made to explain it. In sum, it describes the details about how the Protector trilogy’s characters interacted with each-other, how many times they met and with what result.

wider context

Recovering Memories hardcover version
Recovering Memories ebook on Lulu

The Protector – Recovering Memories has been published on Lulu, in ebook format:

Lulu Protector

Recovering Memories available in print
Recovering memories ebook published

In the November of 2016, I renamed the summarizing book to The Wider Context. In the summer of 2017, I changed my mind and so the title became Protector: Recovering Memories. You can find it as ebook on Amazon:

The Wider Context essay

The material for this essay has been extracted from the Ultimately Healing book plans and became an independent writing on its own right. It contains the very direct description of the karmic relationships in the Protector trilogy, going deep into details.

Ultimately Healing

In 2016, I was composing a complementary book to the trilogy: Ultimately healing – Analysis & Synthesis, plus Otherworlds. Later, I dropped this title and rearranged the chapters, adding and omitting some of them.

Scripts for shorts

I wrote a couple of scripts for shorts, Mimi, Wingless and The Shawl.

Screenplay - Wingless Angels

I wrote a screenplay based on the second volume of the Protector trilogy, the Wingless Angels. The bulk of the work was done in three months.

Urashima Tarou - published

The translation of the Japanese Tales: Urashima Tarou (in Hungarian) is a printed book. I made the illustrations with a good friend of mine who’s Japanese.

Somebody died and so I can live - published

In October 2012, I went through a liver transplantation and inspired by the feelings and events of that time I wrote a biographic book titled ‘Valaki meghalt, és én élhetek’ (Somebody died and so I can live), it came out in October 2104. It’s in Hungarian, but some parts of it were translated to English and added to the Recovering Memories, so as to explain the situation and the illness.

Bagoly ul az agon - published

The compilation of my Hungarian poems was published as an eBook: Bagolyulazagon/Owl sits on the branch.

Liver transplantation

Well, I had a liver transplantation.

Movie script - Fourth Crusade

Between 2010-2014 I was writing the movie script based on the second volume of the Protector trilogy.

Protector trilogy

Starting from 1998 up to 2007 I was writing, editing, compiling and organizing the Protector trilogy.

Volunteer at Krokodil Zoo

From the summer of 2007 up to 2009 autumn, while I was a volunteer I wrote numerous articles on Crocodylians and reptiles, care sheets and manuals for keepers.

Japanese books for children

Between 2006 and 2008 I was translating a number of picture books from Japanese to English, Hungarian and French (Onita no boushi, Obaa-chan sugoi, Wani-bou no koinobori). My Japanese friends helped me a lot: Ryoko, Ryoko’s mom, and Nami. 🙂

picture book


In 2003, parts from the ‘A Béke Katonái’ script and a few translated Japanese folktales were selected to the compilation of ‘Fiatal Somogyi Tehetségek Antológiája’ (Young Talents’ Anthology of County Somogy) by the venerated poet and philologist Arpad Papp.

The Soldiers of Peace, movie script

In 2001 May the movie script ‘A Béke Katonái’ (The Soldiers of Peace) won a special award in a screenwriting competition.


Between 1996-2002 I wrote hundreds of poems in Hungarian, German, English and French.

Surreal essays

I was writing surreal essays from 1990 to about 1996.


Early years

As a child, I wrote a poem about a duckling’s life, I made some leaflets and an illustrated German handbook.