Tableau story from Protector trilogy

Hello, hello! I just created a cool Tableau story with sheets and dashboards, processing the data which was left out from the previous vizes. I added it to the Protector Project menu as well. Is it good enough, what you think? Take a look and judge it yourself! 🙂
tableau story

A busy month is coming to its end

February was a busy month again and tons of things were happening. I tell you the most important ones

Mary bunny

this is Mary, she was my granma’s bunny

  • The first printed versions of Protector – Recovering Memories arrived to me.
  • I organized and set the pages of other visualizations as public: 3-4 types of charts per thousands of years. Check them in the Protector Project dropdown menu.
  • The first versions of the repeating-characters’ animations are done (sound, subtitle, music waits to be added).
  • We were shooting a new interview for SMTV! 🙂
  • My turtles tried vegan food –  and liked it.