Hungarian version in ebook format

The Recovering Memories book’s Hungarian version is finally out in ebook format as well. Also, the Somebody died and so I can live book (in Hungarian Valaki meghalt és én élhetek) is available as an ebook.

Bookline: Protector – Visszatért emlékek

Libri: Protector – Visszatért emlékek

Libri: Valaki meghalt és én élhetek

Bookline: Valaki meghalt és én élhetek

Yummi foods

Though this is not a foodie blog, I thought to post some of my tasty dishes, just for perusing. Recipes come later! 🙂

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Interview on Supreme Master TV

Wow, the interview is divided into two parts and the screening of them is scheduled!! 🙂

14th November: Remembering Past Lives: An interview with Annamaria Furedi Part 1/2

21th November: Remembering Past Lives: An interview with Annamaria Furedi Part 2/2

Meetup to meet up with readers

I (again) started organizing a meetup for the Protector – Recovering Memories debut, but this time it seems to be fixed. Only it’s not in London but in Budapest (it’s still on my list to make a meeting there too, so stay updated).

I booked the place and the time, so now I just sit and wait who wants to turn up! 🙂

Protector – Visszatért Emlékek könyvemutató és beszélgetés

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018, 5:00 PM

Horánszky u. 13. Budapest, HU

4 Members Went

Az író bemutatkozik, és mesél a frissen kiadott könyvéről, a Protector – Visszatért Emlékekről. A könyv egy nagyobb projekt keretében készült, és személyes élményeken keresztül veszi végig a reinkarnáció és a karma nagy kérdéseit. Tavaly jelent meg a könyv angol nyelven, és idén végre magyarul is kezükbe vehetik az olvasók. A fél órásra tervezett m…

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Some news

Loads of things happen around me, week by week. I do my best to catch up with them, though it is really stressful. I got a new job, and a new flat to live in. As to my Protector Project, I submitted my manuscript’s Hungarian version for edition. I think it will be published in October. 🙂

August - September 2018

This development makes me happy, however, I feel still very far from living the life I dream of… What would it be like? Making interviews, and meetups, building the turtle shelter and selling the Wingless angels script… At least I’d like to have some rest and good sleep…

Meditation Retreat

I’ve spent fifteen days in a very special meditation retreat near a southern Taiwanese city, 10000 kilometres away from my home. We were doing karmakiller meditation for many hours each day, to help elevating ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet. I learned here that the island gave home to numerous saints and Buddhist (and non-Buddhist) masters in the past. We glimpsed shrines and temples wide around wherever we went. One could feel something sacred being present in the air… This is one of the most famous Buddhist places close to our retreat:

Buddhist monastery
Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery and Museum (wikipedia)

I saw a lot of gekkos and lizards on the walls and the trees, almost every day. They were so cute!

Taiwanese lizard (not my photos – I did not make photos during the retreat)

This one might be the same lizard but a female one (my guess)

Common house gecko – they could be seen everywhere

Our flight was pleasant with the Emirates and quite long, the whole journey took more than 25 hours: Budapest – Dubai, Dubai – Taipei, Taipei – Kaohsiung. We ordered vegan meals when booked the seats and we were happy to see they could cook for us – our food was labeled as strict vegetarian.

Airbus 380

Dubai Airport

Taoyuan Airport, Taipei

tasty vegan meals (bottom left: it was our welcome meal)

My fear from flying almost fully disappeared and on our way back I sat to the window. I could see huge part of Mesopotamia, the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, and the lines of mountains as we progressed towards (and through) Asia Minor. Many of the places where I once lived lied under us… I am so grateful for the experience!

Mesopotamia (wikipedia)

Gift for the Helpers

Hi, I feel it’s time for a few new posts! 😛
In the last years I was so lucky and found helpers for my Protector Project. Some of my helpers did proofreading, others created fancy visual models. I thought about giving them some lovely souvenir – and to create a tableau, a kind of hall of fame (I still need a few pics for that). These are the privileged t-shirts, I specially ordered and wrapped up these for them!

All of the shirts contain my blessing and the protective power of the symbol. 🙂

The Wider Context page is alive

It’s been my plan long ago to publish this essay which analyses the relationships and important characters in the Protector trilogy. I created a google site for it with two pages: Essay and Characters one by one, and I added multiple slides and some pics too.

wider context



Leaving this world – what we leave here? What is lost?

Transience is one of the most painful, most incomprehensible, most mystical aspect of our reality. Why I say this? Well, in this year we’ve buried four very important people in my family. The void we feel is still unhealed.

Wise masters say that nothing in this material world lasts, nothing. Everything that gets born will die one day. Inevitably. Mercilessly. This way or the other. Change is the only constant thing we know. However, even though I am aware of these, it keeps causing me hardships to accept transcience. I must remind myself again and again: what we feel is our reality here, is no more than illusion, the play of our mundane minds, something that we will be leaving behind one day.

I think I should be grateful for the time we were allowed to spend together with my loved ones. For the days, for the months, for the years. Yes, it happened that we failed to do our best, but we loved each-other. And that’s what matters. I feel joy when I think at those who left me, because I was so lucky to know them.

If there is anything I learned from my past life memories, it is this: knowing we are souls is always a game changer. Then, suddenly we see ourselves endless, limitless and immortal. Just like all the other people, creatures around us are endless, limitless and immortal. Pieces and owners of the whole universe.

I wrote this poem in 1997 (26.05):


Under the air of
your real clear mind
I’ve found something
there deep deep down

precious chrystal stones
smell of fairies
and used-up things
colours of identity

more down
the silence
you yourself
a man of eternity.

Heaven exists, that’s the place we naturally belong. Here comes my favourite Buddhist picture about the taming of our lower natures (vital self, ego, mind):

Taming the wild mind (Monk = Awareness; Goad and Noose = Attentiveness; Dark Elephant = Dull Attention; Dark Monkey = Restless Mind leading Attention here and there; White Elephant = Alert Attention following the Self; White Monkey = Calm Mind; Monkey Disappeared = Death of Mind)