In your own box

How we look at the world, have you ever wondered? Though we see similar images they wake different thoughts and sentiments according to our mental associations. We have our own filter when viewing places, people or anything. This filter is the summary of our previous knowledge, a previous experience, a hearsay, a stereotype, a preconception, an assumption. This way, when looking at something that can be associated with wealth seems cooler somehow. Have you noticed it? Only a few people wanted to learn Japanese before it became a fizzy wealthy land.

Viewing an image of a café if you know it stands in Paris seems stylish. The same café in Italy looks vivid and if it is actually in Belgrad… …you may be just wondering as you may have little info on Belgrad since this city is barely part of the mainstream culture which typically ignores any land Eastern from the once Iron curtain…

You can only have a a better picture if you visited Belgrad and you are closely familiar with the area and its inhabitants, you collected personal memories and friends. Without the curiosity to know a land better you can never develop insight – preconceptions are not insight.

Looking at a picture of a mountain in Switzerland generates entirely different feelings than looking at a picture of a mountain in Kirghistan, Morocco or Slovakia.

Nature does not make such distinction, such bias, only humans. A mountain is a mountain.

Now, just try to tell which is where!