Protector Project

owl symbol

This project is to summarize and analyze a number of stories and a huge mass of data about reincarnation. The Protector trilogy contains everything I could recollect, about 72 previous incarnations. They played a great part in the long journey I had to eventually regain my health, in every sense.

This trilogy serves as my case study. We applied data visualization technologies and interactive charts to display the results. The idea to start this project is almost twenty years old. It was my old dream to share my discoveries with the world in a very visual and easy-to-understand way.

Protector Project infographic

Graphs, Tableau dashboards, and animations has been preared to elaborate the complex relation systems in the trilogy. The webpages displaying these were public for five years, later I decided to hide them. Recently a collective piece of work is on the way to sum up this project, adding all the data analyzis results, infographics and visualizations. Contact me for more info.

graph to display connections between characters and episodes

About the symbol

Since about 1996, I use it as a kind of signature. Originally it is a kind of ‘edge-pattern’ element. It is a very old symbol applied mainly in Erdély (in West known as Transylvania – although Transylvania is only one part of Erdély). Traditionally it was carved on doorframes and the gates of houses and manors. It was believed to have a protective power so that it saved the inhabitants from dangers they may not even be aware of.

Book of Symbols – Owl (Bagoly)

This is the picture from the book where I’ve found it in 1996: Book of Symbols / Jelkeptar; editors: Gyorgy Szemadam, Mihaly Hoppal, Andras Nagy, Marcell Jankovics; graphics: Anna Illes, Zsuzsa Somogyvari; ISBN 963-208-375-x; page 31.


Since the last decade, particularly after the worldwide success of the Harry Potter books and movies, owls became very popular. Tiny owl figures and items with owl patterns deluged the market. Honestly, it makes me somewhat annoyed and glad at the same time to see them all over the place… 🙂