Happy happy New Year :)

I had a very eventful week though, I admit, I had hoped to have more rest. Luckily, I found time to enjoy nature’s beauty down by a lake with some friends. The surface of the water was already frozen, so people were using it for skating and messing around. So far, we’ve had zero snow but a lot of sunshine and temperatures at negative five degrees Celsius.

the pics were made in the Deseda Arboretum
the pics were made in the Deseda Arboretum

Christmas preparations

Last weekend I attended a Raw Vegan Christmas Candy Workshop in Budapest. We made six types of super cool Christmas candies from healthy ingredients. The recipes were so easy! My favourite is the Date-Caramel flavoured one. The other flavours were: Dried fruits, Dried plums, Marzipan-Sour cherry-Poppy seed, Coconut and Jelly. All of them got covered with fine quality tempered bitter chocolate. 🙂

Raw Vegan Christmas Candy Workshop
from kertkonyha.hu, photo by Szaluter Edit
Date-Caramel and Jelly candies, the jelly stood together nicely thanks to the pectin
wrapped up neatly

Trying out my wings

Thanks to a friend of mine, I came across a very cool platform for newbie writers. It’s called Wattpad! I have posted a few of my poems there to share with you. They are: ‘Tortuga’, ‘Bacteria-Like’, ‘Disclose’ and ‘Knitting Needles’. I also started to write short novels about veggies… Check them out! And after you have read, please don’t forget to hit vote! 🙂


Yes, Annemarie Wilson is my pen name: