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An Interview With Annamaria Marta Furedi, Author Of Protector: Recovering Memories

Hello everyone! It’s a been since I introduced you to someone so here I am back with another interview of an amazing author Annamaria Marta Furedi. She has recently released her new book which is titled as Protector: Recovering Memories. Let’s get to know her & her book in a better way!

–    Basically, who is your protagonist?
I am the protagonist. Not as Annamaria but as a soul, coming back into this terrestrial plane in various new roles and forms. I had to live as a poor peasant and as a king, as a guardian and as a robber, as a merchant and as a slave, as a prostitute and as a soldier, as a mother and as a father innumerable times.
An Interview With Annamaria Marta Furedi, Author Of Protector: Recovering Memories

–    You had male and female lives?

Yes, mostly male lives. I have female incarnations since about the fifteenth century. Before that I had male lives for thousands of years.

–    You say you’ve collected more than seventy incarnation episodes. Are there more? Unwritten ones?

Absolutely. Many, I guess.

–    Could you tell me how these memories emerged?

The first two incarnation stories had been revealed during the hypnosis seating. Then the story of the prince followed them a year or two later. But, these memories had been present all my life, only I didn’t know they belong to past incarnations! I mean, I wrote a lot of poems and looking at them afterwards I can pick parts that relate to certain past experiences. This might be the case with several writers, singers, movie makers, too. Old motifs keep surfacing, knowing or not.

–    Tell me more about the Protector trilogy.

It is the collection of the past incarnations that I collected after a particularly upsetting regressive hypnosis session. They are my posthumous memoirs if you like. (smile) I sorted them into three volumes. The first covers the oldest incarnations, the second is one episode with plenty of details. The third contains the incarnations that followed the second volume’s episode up to my actual life.

–    What is it like to live together with so many memories?

Strange. Honestly, part of me is grateful, or at least I learned to feel grateful. (laugh) Really, sometimes it is challenging. It happens that I miss the people and the places I knew… Losing the loved ones, I mean the knowledge you have lost them comes with the feeling of mourning, inevitably. Fortunately I have enough to-dos and I don’t have much time to dwell on such things. And I know we are tied anyway.

–    Are you doing past life reading?

Sometimes, for friends or relations, yes. But only when I’m asked.

–    How these memories influence your days?

Um, normally I don’t mind them as I have to focus on my daily work. But, they are always present in the back of my mind. It’s like having tons of plus life experience. Often they give me inspiration, or motivation.

–    You have a kind of project connected to the book, right?

Yes. I am learning data science and I just had the idea that it would be great to visualize the connections I discovered. The project is about to summarize and analyze the stories of the trilogy, like a sort of case study. Fortunately, I have a few helpers and we apply data visualization technologies and interactive charts to display the results. A map and a graph is already available on my site, but there are many more on the way.

–    We read that you have left your body during that liver transplantation operation. Would you tell us a few words about it? What your near death experience was like?

Yes, I had an out-of-body experience, you know, the classical NDE. I saw myself from above and later I saw the building and the nearby streets. It was deep night, and with the lights on the sight was quite beautiful. I don’t remember meeting God or any angels but I remember that all-pervading happiness and lightness. I never felt anything like it before.

–    What are your goals now?

To sell the movie script and become a millionaire…. No, really, I’d like to work for the animals or for the people who need my help. Also, I’d like to progress with learning more about statistics and meditation, I’d like to go and visit my friends in Japan, and mostly, to repay my parents’ debt, and to build a shelter for unwanted turtles. I have a lot of plans, you see? There is a lot left to do. Living idly is not for me, I like to feel being useful, you know.

Interview at Across the Realms Physics

In-depth interview about reincarnation at Across the Realms Physics:

All with the careful proofreading I just noticed a few misspelled words, and inaccurate expressions. Here is the improved version of the interview:

Annamaria Marta Furedi used to be a normal girl until a recurring dream almost drove her insane. Every night, she dreamed about her lost brother who was living in another city and whom she or her family never met. One day, when things seemed to be on the verge of getting out of control, she decided to seek help with a psychotherapist through a regressive hypnosis session.

In this interview Annamaria answers questions about her journey, hypnosis, past life incarnations and the moral implications involved.

I’d like to ask, how do you see the past life regressive hypnosis and reading methods, which is so popular lately?

As to regressive hypnosis there are a couple of pros and cons. With all my experience, my personal opinion is that past life memories should come up naturally as part of the spiritual development. Of course, there are methods to ‘excavate’ them, but they barely do good. Some guru said that while you are walking the road towards God, towards enlightenment, you’ll see trees along the road. These trees bring various fruits. You can sit down and enjoy them, or you can leave them untouched and move on, it’s up to you. The ability to remember the so-called past life memories is one of the fruits. When you have reached a certain high level of consciousness, they return to you automatically. And for that time you will be armed with the necessary knowledge and experience to use them, to understand them and to value their impact. If you have these memories earlier than you are mature, they can cause trouble and confusion. It’s like on your first day in kindergarten you would claim your PhD. You may even get it, but you won’t have the knowledge and the skills to handle it, let alone understand it. On the other hand, bringing back some of the past life stuff may quicken your spiritual development. This depends on your attitude. You can throw them away and live like you did before. Or, suddenly you may want to grow up to them, to be able to cope with them. They can be a motivation for development, and then it’s great. It’s also good if you can find a clever therapist who helps you to heal a certain trauma with positive affirmations. Any educated and successful one is in material life, spiritually, 99% of the people are like babies and newbies. This is why normally I try to dissuade them from trying to tackle past lives. They’re just not ready. Of course, nobody likes to hear this… In this modern world we want to get everything right now. But the soul is not to be commanded like that, it won’t obey. It needs the time and diligence, it needs regular and humble practice of being loving and kind. It needs the effort to go towards perfection, to let the godly qualities we all have inside shine through. And then, one day, your memories will come back to you naturally.

Is it hard tuning on the events of a certain incarnation?

No, normally not, it depends. It’s mostly about placing my focus there, into a certain moment. Some of the memories can be evoked easily while others are harder to access. Difficulties appear when the ‘searched’ event or moment is emotionally problematic and activate a painful sentiment from that time interval, like shame, anger, helplessness, intense anxiety. And the time factor, the memory’s distance in time is also important. Far things tend to trigger lower emotional reactions, they are shadier, and one can view them more neutrally. This is my general observation, but there are always issues that vary.

Could you show me an example?

Sure. It happened that one of a fairly distant memory caused me hardships when I tried to reveal it. It was actually a memory of being in a prison, waiting to be executed. I couldn’t recall what exactly happened, how I died, though I tried real hard to find it out. Then, during a meditation the solution came to me. When I sat down to meditate next I asked the assistance of the one who murdered me there to show me his memories on the event. I got his permission, and I could see the whole thing through his eyes, perceiving his emotions – it was sweeping anger. I instantly understood why I couldn’t recall it myself: I was barely conscious of what was happening, and it was too gruesome to explain or to remember.

Wow, amazing. Do you feel responsibility in general for your past actions?

Yes. Especially about lives when I was a leader. Leaders and particularly rulers are always accountable for the well-being of their people, in every sense. This is a law. Every teardrop that falls because of your deeds or failures becomes your karmic debt, it returns to you inevitably. And as a leader all your actions are magnified and viewed more critically than that of the average people. One can create very heavy karma while being in a leadership position.

Can you forget? Can you forgive?

I do my best to forgive, but one has to forgive again and again as time goes by. As to forgetting, I don’t wish to forget anything. Re-evaluation of memories is the key to feel better, and not the complete denial of the past. At least, this is how I see it.

What is your relationship like with those you managed to identify?

In general, very close, and loving. I know of a few persons who were my enemies or in a way harmed me, but most of them live far from me. Plus, many of those you harmed or killed can come to be your partners in following incarnations, a wife or a husband, a parent or something else. From my part, I wish a happy life for all of them. You know, we are part of each other, we are part of those who were in contact with us in the past, and there is no use cherishing bad feelings.

What is the absolute consequence? Is there any?

There are a number of consequences that the stories taught me. The major one is that we are immortal beings. The second is that I have to live more consciously, our hours in our bodies are counted. And it does matter how we spend them. Be an honest and caring person, that’s the best. And do your best to correct your mistakes anytime you hurt somebody, willingly or unwillingly. Be more aware of what karma you are actually collecting: positive or negative. This is vital.

Can one take down karma this way, by revealing the past incarnations?

No, but it gives a great boost to improve your karmic situation by elevating consciousness. Ideally, it can lead one to re-evaluate life as it is, so that later he or she can make better choices.

Did these memories change your life?

Absolutely. Knowing that life doesn’t really end when you finish a lifetime will change the very way you look at the world.

Did you become more aware, more compassionate?

No, I think I was compassionate before as well, even without this. But it helped me to value the possibility of life. And realizing that one is a soul is always a game-changer.

What gives you strength in the normal days?

That I know I have a goal, something to live for. As long as I feel this way I will be okay.

Why did you feel you have to share your experiences?

We all have our own karmic issues, and even if they are rather unique there are several common traits. I believe that we can learn a lot from each other. I, for example, read or listen to other people’s stories with great interest. This book is my ‘case study,’ at least I treat the episodes so. They are a huge amount of data and I am working hard so that others may benefit from it too. That’s why I am a member of some healing communities.


This book “Protector: Recovering From Memories” and listed on GoodReads as one of the best books on Past Life Regression is my case study’, at least I treat the episodes so.

Where do you feel your real home is? The place you belong? A particular land?

Oh, I can’t properly tell you. Mainly at the place where my loved ones are living. Most people would answer the same, I guess. I don’t feel that there is a single and easily definable spot on this Earth where I belong. I remember many of my past homes though, and in a way, I feel tied to them, even today.

Did you ever visit them?

No, not yet. Nobody’s missing me in those places, and they have certainly changed a lot. It would be sad to see this, the shadows of old days, happy or unhappy. It would be really upsetting, I guess. It’s hard to realize that something that was so solid and obvious disappears fully. This is incomprehensible, this is transience. You know, the illusory nature of the mortal world.

As to your ex-families, partners and children, do you miss them? Obviously you do.

Yes, sometimes.

What would be the best conclusion to share?

In Asia, there is a story tied to Quan Yin, who is known there as the Goddess of Mercy. In the times when a part of China was plundered by its enemies, there lived a man named Chen who deeply honoured Quan Yin, he always had candles and scents at the altar in his home. One day, in his dream, the goddess appeared and warned him: one of the rebels will come to you and will try to kill you. Chen woke up with a start and prayed all night to the goddess. Next night, he dreamt with the goddess again, who told him: “In a previous life, you have killed this rebel, this is why he, unknowingly, wants to kill you now, to even your common karma. Despite of this, I will do everything to help you. The man is called Wang Zhan, from the He Nan province, he has been an orphan since he was a small child and he lives in great poverty, this is why he joined the rebels. Tomorrow he will come here and you shall prepare a magnificent dinner. Think, friendliness changes even the most vicious enemies.” Then the goddess’ shape disappeared. Next day, Chen sent his family to a safer place and stayed home alone to prepare the great dinner. Very soon he caught shouts and cries from outside and a rebel stepped in his house. Chen asked him: “You are Wang Zhan from He Nan province, you’ve been an orphan since you were a small child? I was already waiting for you to have a dinner together.” Wang nodded, and though he was utterly surprised he accepted the invitation. During the dinner, Chen explained his dreams with Quan Yin, and all that the goddess told him. After the dinner Chen stood up and knelt in front of Wang Zhan, and said: “I owe you with a life because in a past life I killed you. Please, kill me now so that I can repay my debt.” But Wang told him to stand up, and added: “My parents died when I was a small child. I joined the rebels in my despair. You are the first person who turns toward me with kindness. I am tired of killing people and plundering. Why would I kill you? See, now you are my friend.” Wang was deeply touched, he said: “I have some money, I would give it to you, you could open a shop from it.” Wang accepted the help gratefully and the two men became good friends for a lifetime. I think this is a great story. You see, the consequence is that we always have the power to switch things to the better, no matter what karma we own. We always have the chance, all we have to do is use it. Reincarnation is hope.

sakura publishing

Interview by Sakura Publishing

This is the first written debut, the first written interview. Enjoy! 🙂

Original inteview:

Interview with Author Annamaria Marta Furedi

Where does your interest come from in past lives?
It started in 1996, with a past life regression hypnosis. I chose this method to end a dream series about my brother. During that session two of my past incarnations were uncovered. Later, many other memories emerged too, because the therapist did not close down ‘the channels’ properly. As I began to write them down I started to feel much better. And on the end I collected more than seventy stories. They make the Protector trilogy.

Who do you consider is your target audience?
Um, my audience would be anyone, from age 16-99. Open-minded people in the first, who wish to know more about reincarnation, spiritual seekers mostly.

How did your loved ones receive this topic? What was their reaction?
They did finely accept it, they are quite open. Most of them are eager to be more spiritual, so it wasn’t a problem. They were trying to help me, only they couldn’t do much. It was up to me to find a way to live with it in peace.

How much it changed your life, I mean the thing that you know about so many of your past lives?
They brought a great change. They gave me a deeper insight into what matters in life and to live a good way.

In retrospect, now that you’ve seen it, was it a good idea that you wrote them down and that you let others know about it?
Hopefully. (smile) I believe so. This isn’t my property, and I always wished to share it so that others can benefit from it too. Luckily I got a lot of positive feedback.

Do your past experiences influence your train of thoughts, can you evade past mistakes? Could you repair the problems/issues with the people of a past incarnation? What’s your relationship with them?
I think so, yes. I pay great attention to improve my relationships.


In the gates I stand

I uploaded the first version of my book to Kindle!!! 🙂

It will be available within a few days, though I keep checking and rechecking the matierial for any tiny errors that may occur. I am happy, very happy now. It’s been such a long time to prepare the book, and to get ready, to make the small details fit. In my life it was my main motivation since years that I must publish this book about the reincarnation experiences that I had, telling the world what I’ve discovered.

I breath up for a second and celebrate for a whole day. Then I will dive back into work, I guess, preparing the US version of it, the German version of it, making interviews, and creating the lovely visualizations with my Tableau and d3.JS expert helpers. Anyway, cheers! Let’s hope the best! 🙂

September came and went

The events of September? Oh, there were so many, I can hardly remember them all. I was excercising a lot, and I visited an R Studio workshop, a Tableau Data Science Meetup, a performance on the phenomena as Love holds the world together by the artist Andras Laar, and many more.
One of the best things about September was attending a cooking course: Vegan Glutenfree Cake Cooking! Learn, learn, till your last day – this was my favourite teacher’s motto, and I fully agree. Cooking courses are an amazing pastime where you can attain a variety of useful knowledge. Not only that, the cakes we made were pretty and delicious, and, best of all, much less complicated to make than I anticipated.. 🙂

It was organized by Dori:

Full of surprises

I traveled to Germany for two-week’s training, and the thought of it seemed quite long – and once I was there, I realized it certainly was a long time to be away. After the problematic journey I wrote about in my last post, I met my friendly host, Paul, and we were able to visit many places in a single day! That’s what I’d like to tell you about today.

To start with, the weather wasn’t at all friendly. It rained for most of the day and it was evening before the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. Paul and I met at 10 am and went to Dusseldorf Airport to ask after my lost mobile. Our first destination? A mining crater!

Once we’d explored the crater and admired the dozens of wind turbines, we started towards Aachen, to see the Cathedral and find lunch. Our meal at Lennet & Kann ( a vegan place) was delicious! We had warm chilli beans, and I ordered a quinoa salad with avocado and spinach. The chilli was quite good and mild, not too spicy. The salad, though delicious, was gigantic, and I couldn’t finish it on my own. Luckily, I had Paul to help me out.

After lunch, with umbrellas in hand, we walked up to the dome and found it already full of tourists.

I resisted recounting the history to Paul about Charles the Great and his sons, who regularly devastated Pannonian lands, knowing that here the great German Kaisers are a source of pride. After whiling away some time at the Cathedral, we walked around the city, seeing a thermal bath, a piece of an excavated site, some university buildings and a wishing well. I didn’t miss the chance, of course, to throw a coin in… Once we’d finished, I bought a few bottles of mineral water for the journey and went back to the car.

Our next stop was a place called Dreilandereck: the single point where Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium meet. It was still pouring rain when we arrived, but overall the visit was fun and, afterwards, we paused for coffee on the Belgium side before heading off to see the Cathedral (Dome) in Köln (Cologne).

It took an hour to get there, the rain still falling heavily, and once we arrived, we could hardly find parking place. Finally, we found one, but it was quite far from the Cathedral. We meandered through the small, crowded streets full of shops until we found the dome. As in Aachen, when we checked in, the dome was full of tourists. There was a place in the inner corner where, for one Euro, visitors could purchase a candle and light it for a specific purpose or person. I bought one, ignited it, and placed it among the others while wishing that my Protector Project would all go well!

By this time, though it was only 6 pm, I was already tired and had no desire to sightsee anymore, so Paul drove us back to Essen, where I’m now writing to you from a neat hotel.

All in all, it was an eventful day, and I’m really grateful that I could see all these wonderful places!

*All pics are used as examples; none of them are mine. (Without my mobile I can’t take photos!)

Departure & Arrival

A few months ago, I had a stray thought that I would like to work at a company where I am able to travel as part of my work. Now, I’m working for a company that is paying me to travel, but I find that it’s not quite what I expected.

My flight was delayed several times because of the bad weather conditions which made my arrival chaotic and totally stressful. The whole week prior to my departure, we had extremely hot weather and on Sunday (the 6th of August) a thunderstorm arrived with threatening black clouds right as my flight was due to depart. Originally, we were to take off at 20:25, then I was notified that we would be delayed until 21:10, and then another delay pushed us back to 21:45.

Around ten o’clock, the gate opened and we were finally taken to the plane. We got out of the airport bus with rain pounding down on us and lightning flashing all around – it was frightening! By the time we were on the plane, we were soaking wet and we took our seats only to wait another forty minutes before the captain announced we would be delayed even longer as we had no kerosene. Honestly, I had half a mind to stand up and leave, and later I would regret having not done just that.

Finally, around 23:40 the plane took off into the storm surrounded by lightning and heavy rain. Needless to say, I became quite sick, and to add to my displeasure, the captain then announced that we would be unable to fly to our destination – Dusseldorf – as we were denied permission to land! We were rerouted and, in the middle of the night, eventually landed in Koln/Bonn. After we arrived, there was so much confusion that I couldn’t find my luggage and when I finally found someone to help me, I noticed that I had lost my mobile (in Germany, they call it a ‘Handy’). To make matters worse, I missed the charter bus to Dusseldorf.

The whole process was utterly disorganised and it seemed as though the airline completely disregarded what would happen to their passengers after they were dropped in a strange city – a city that wasn’t even their destination – in the middle of the night.

I spent the whole night tired and stranded in the airport, unable to communicate with anyone or use the Internet, and it was all I could do not to panic and start to cry. A man who worked at a bakery tried to help me by giving me directions so I ran to and fro trying to find a way – a train or taxi or anything – to get to Essen, where I had a booked hotelroom. The man in the information booth was very friendly (he was the one helping me to find my baggage) and explained that the Baggage Office opened at 6 am, and suggested that I wait and ask them whether they knew anything about my mobile in case the airplane staff had passed it down as a found object. I decided to follow his advice and, in the meantime, I was able to connect to the free WiFi and send messages to my family about what happened. I had nothing to eat except a little salty snack and a coffee in a small food shop to while away the time.

After sunrise, I went to the Lost and Found office, but they couldn’t tell me anything about my phone, only repeating that they were not responsible and I should come back the next day. How on Earth could I have come back? They were absolutely unhelpful, and by that point it was around 7 am and I was walking around in the terminal, still trying to figure out what should I do. It was then that I noticed a booth with a flag that said Flixbus. As I went closer and checked, I saw it offered journeys to multiple cities, so I asked them if they offered any trips to Essen. For the first time since I’d left my home, I was in luck – they had one! The ride was good, the bus was comfortable, and the staff were nice and helpful. I started to feel somewhat better now that things seemed to be improving. At 8:10 am I started my ride to my hotel in Essen.

The whole journey was an awful experience. Afterward, I interrogated the airline, the Koln/Bonn Airport, and the Dusseldorf Airport (as the plane belongs there). I called several departments, call centers, and wrote dozens of emails, posted Facebook messages on the airline’s and the airports’ profile pages, telling them about my problem. I am grateful that there were at least a few employees who read them and cared enough to look after me – though they were rare. I still haven’t given up, and I hope that someone kind-hearted finds my mobile and sends it back to me.

*All pics are used as examples, none of them are mine (I can’t take pictures without my mobile).