The Map

This map was created to display the details of the episodes from the Protector trilogy’s, which can be tied to geospatial points. In most cases the position of the dots are approximated. In the top left corner the toggle bar is available, and the map can be filtered by layers. I added four layers altogether, and I advise you to use only at a time.

The layers:

Episode – book, styled by book to show which episodes belong to which volume

  • blue – 1st volume: The start of everything
  • yellow – 2nd volume: Wingless angels
  • red – 3rd volume: Nearer in time
  • labels: episode title

Country – gender, styled by gender to show the gender and time of each incarnation

  • lilac – male
  • magenta – female
  • khaki – unknown
  • labels: time

Place – lifespan, styled by financial status to show the gender and lifespan of each incarnation

  • mustard – poor
  • light blue – wealthy
  • sunny yellow – average
  • mid blue – possessions played no role
  • labels: lifespan (years)

Place – health, styled by gender to show the gender and the health issues of each incarnation

  • khaki – male
  • lilac – female
  • yellow – unknown
  • labels: health issues