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In the gates I stand

I uploaded the first version of my book to Kindle!!! 🙂

It will be available within a few days, though I keep checking and rechecking the matierial for any tiny errors that may occur. I am happy, very happy now. It’s been such a long time to prepare the book, and to get ready, to make the small details fit. In my life it was my main motivation since years that I must publish this book about the reincarnation experiences that I had, telling the world what I’ve discovered.

I breath up for a second and celebrate for a whole day. Then I will dive back into work, I guess, preparing the US version of it, the German version of it, making interviews, and creating the lovely visualizations with my Tableau and d3.JS expert helpers. Anyway, cheers! Let’s hope the best! 🙂

Total heat

Uh, the temperature is 40 Celsius here and it’s incredible, I tell you. If I step out of the house, it’s like stepping into an oven. I am working on some animation scripts, but shhh, that’s not public knowledge… Not yet… And, of course, I haven’t forgotten the book, it’s currently being re-checked to ensure it is of the best quality. So, please be patient; I’m having to be, too! Things are happening behind the scenes. Big things!

I visit this little pond close to my workplace every day. It has two yellow-eared sliders living in it. They are super lovely! 🙂



Oh no, it’s postponed…

Hi! In the last few weeks, I have landed a new job at a big German company and moved to Budapest. I have a lot of things to do, a lot to arrange, and a lot to learn. The re-checking of my book is still not fully complete, and the visualizations are running behind because my developer friends have their hands full with a number of other projects. Also, I cancelled the interviews – yes, I’d planned to shoot a few. If all of this wasn’t enough, I must travel to Germany within three weeks for a long training course. So, sadly, the planned debut events in the UK had to be postponed until September as well.
I was dejected for a little while, but I had to come to terms with the situation. Anyhow, I offered up the organisation of this project to the Almighty a long time ago as trying to arrange it all goes far beyond my abilities. 🙂


Here is the link of the updated debut event:

pics from my new workplace


Debut is coming

Yay, I can finally announce this:

My new book, Recovering Memories, will be published in 15 July!

You can all come to our meetups in August where we will present all the crazy stuff we’ve created for our Protector Project. Recovering Memories will be available at a discounted price during the meetup days in London and Brighton, UK. Other locations are under consideration… 😀

You can find more info at Protector: Recovering Memories – Debut Event



I haven’t written anything here for a good while, so here I am again.

I’ve been really busy the last few months and now, The Protector Project is on its way! Along with my helpers, I’m filming interviews, text editing, doing visualizations and that sort of thing. I am super grateful to have so many enthusiastic people co-working with me on bringing my dream to life.

Here is one of the video presentation introductions:

Also, I created a twitter account for the project:


Follow me there! 🙂

Should I stay or…

Most of the year’s first month was spent wavering between two possibilities: the idea of traveling abroad and the idea of staying home. There are many pros and cons to both options, so I will not line them up here. Traveling abroad means London. What do I want to do there? I want to work and make enough money so that I can begin the publishing process of the trilogy. This is an old dream of mine and I feel that I am in a good place now to make it happen. But… Well, there are a few of those. In the first place, my health and the fact that I would travel alone. My mom says I should offer this plan to the universe and send love to it. In my mind that’s okay, let’s just hope it helps. A couple of days ago I got this email message which wonderfully answered many of my doubts:

Fear vs Love

“I do whatever I need to do to keep my inner world peaceful. My inner peace is essential for my health and well-being. ” Louise L. Hay

Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay
Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay

Trying out my wings

Thanks to a friend of mine, I came across a very cool platform for newbie writers. It’s called Wattpad! I have posted a few of my poems there to share with you. They are: ‘Tortuga’, ‘Bacteria-Like’, ‘Disclose’ and ‘Knitting Needles’. I also started to write short novels about veggies… Check them out! And after you have read, please don’t forget to hit vote! 🙂


Yes, Annemarie Wilson is my pen name:

Waiting for the snow to fall

Winter stands on our threshold and we can all feel the chilliness in our bones anytime we venture outdoors. I hear people complaining about the dull, grey weather but, to be honest, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to like winters. One is forced to be more introverted and the shortening daylight creates a more philosophical atmosphere. Some become depressed from the lack of sunshine, but I believe there is a lot of beauty in the cold, dark days. I quite enjoy drawing back into my cosy home, sipping warm tea, and doodling away the day around my turtles. Here is a photo of me and my lovely Julia (Iulia).

With Julia

I have so many things to think about, like the publishing of my Protector trilogy or the editing and development of my new book, Ultimately Healing. Originally, I planned to let the trilogy be published only after my death. Then, I realized that it is my task to do it, seeing as nobody else knows the hows of it. But, still, I’ve become uncertain.

Last week I was told that my trilogy might not be of any interest of others, that the stories might be important for me but for nobody else. Whoa! Yes, I was slightly shocked to hear this from an aspiring writer. Well, if we look at the publishing business from that point of view, publishing anything would be totally useless… And needless. Why would you want to read the fantasies of a stranger, be it about fictitious characters or their private stuff? Who cares? Everyone should keep their stupid stories to themselves! To put it bluntly, everyone should shut up!

Oh, but this idea is so wrong. People are interested in what others can recount; we do want to hear each other’s stories – at least I do. I am bold enough to believe that there are people out there who would be happy to read my stories, and I really want to share my writing with them and show them the world through my eyes. I believe it is a great gift to have something to say – anything that adds into the big common cauldron of humankind.

Anyhow, I will rethink sharing the trilogy. Publishing Ultimately Healing – The Wider Context might be a much better idea, a much better way to debut. It is also very personal, but less challenging than the trilogy, and less incriminating for me as it doesn’t dive so deeply into the details of the incarnation episodes. It was constructed with an analytic approach. No, I won’t fully drop the idea of publishing the trilogy one day, but I guess it’s wiser right now to focus on the new book. I feel very happy that I have helpers; I was praying so much to have at least one.

So, I will go on with the writing of my new book after I finish this post. As usual, I will light a candle and set to work, but before that, I have to cast a last glance on the windy street below. Yesterday, the forecast promised snow, but we had only a small amount of rain. I was disappointed this morning to find there was no whiteness outside. The clouds look heavier now and I am hopeful; I am really waiting for the snow to fall.