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Trying out my wings

Thanks to a friend of mine, I came across a very cool platform for newbie writers. It’s called Wattpad! I have posted a few of my poems there to share with you. They are: ‘Tortuga’, ‘Bacteria-Like’, ‘Disclose’ and ‘Knitting Needles’. I also started to write short novels about veggies… Check them out! And after you […]

Waiting for the snow to fall

Winter stands on our threshold and we can all feel the chilliness in our bones anytime we venture outdoors. I hear people complaining about the dull, grey weather but, to be honest, as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to like winters. One is forced to be more introverted and the shortening daylight creates a more […]

To start a blog is my new task

Hi! I plan to start a blog here and post something each week. I am working on my writing and thinking a lot about the hows of it. I will tell you more soon.:) I happened on this lovely pic at http://ebookfriendly.com/book-wallpapers-tablet-smartphone/.