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New ebook editions on the way

I’ve been busy correcting my ebook in the last days. Finally I’m done with the third edition of the Kindle ebook version! It will be available within 72 hours. I extracted some annoying mispellings and a few confusing adjectives: I often utilized synomyms, and sometimes not quite correctly. Oh, and I am waiting for the […]


Leaving this world – what we leave here? What is lost? Transience is one of the most painful, most incomprehensible, most mystical aspect of our reality. Why I say this? Well, in this year we’ve buried four very important people in my family. The void we feel is still unhealed. Wise masters say that nothing […]


Who is Nicholaus? One of the most significant characters in the Lisabeta episode. I am not sure about his family name, so I won’t write it down here. I’ve collected a few photos of old Munich (click on them to enlarge, speed 10 secs). I don’t know why, but the slider works only if you […]

Second edition is available

You know, how it goes: once you publish your book and peek in it, you start finding dozens of annoying errors, missing spaces, and wrongly chosen adjectives. This happened to me… The Lisabeta episode was the most problematic part. I made the necessary corrections and from this day the better version is active here! 🙂 […]