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Old home visited

The experience. My expectations? Oh. I had many: to identify the places, to see Nic and us there, to ask instructions. I know very well that places are changing as time goes by, new houses get erected, old ones get demolished or reconstructed. I was prepared not to find anything that’s familiar. I was wrong. […]

Plan: visit Munich

The dream It’s been my dream years and years ago, to visit some of the places where I was living in the past. Often, I mean almost every week I travel home by train. At the train station I keep seeing the railjet that goes to Wien, to Salzburg and München. It arrives and leaves […]

The prayer of an old king

Allness of Worlds hear my words I was king for ages holding high office holding eager arms listen to me as I say I take back all the curses all the evil words that I have ever pronounced against any I beg for your forgiveness give me forgiveness as I give it humbly to all […]

A busy month is coming to its end

February was a busy month again and tons of things were happening. I tell you the most important ones this is Mary, she was my granma’s bunny The first printed versions of Protector – Recovering Memories arrived to me. I organized and set the pages of other visualizations as public: 3-4 types of charts per […]