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Drawing Mantra Therapy

This is one of my favourite way to tackle painful memories or anyting traumatic. It’s quite simple, and I want to share my method in a workshop. This drawing was made with Tara Mantra (medium speed): I also use it during one-to-one sessions, when necessary. I’m curious, how the workshop will go. 🙂

Joined Green Apes

Hi there folks, I just came to type down the actual status info. So, looks like I found a new workplace (I’m through three job interviews). But most importantly, finally I decided to move professionally towards greener life, something I have in my mind since decades. Soon I start my study at Lund University about […]

Destined to reach out, darling

Tied to you, unreachable this is how I feel you became blind again you are deaf again your eyes and ears are useless to only take in the daily buzz   at the spot of topmost snobbery you’re holding your head high there are days when you think you are above the rest how far […]


This is just an update, as I haven’t written anything since a while. As usual I am very busy again, my mind is literally buzzing. The German and Hungarian versions of the Recovering Memories is on the way. Also I started to translate the manuscript to French and Japanese, but it will take a looooooot […]

Old home visited

The experience. My expectations? Oh. I had many: to identify the places, to see Nic and us there, to ask instructions. I know very well that places are changing as time goes by, new houses get erected, old ones get demolished or reconstructed. I was prepared not to find anything that’s familiar. I was wrong. […]

Plan: visit Munich

The dream It’s been my dream years and years ago, to visit some of the places where I was living in the past. Often, I mean almost every week I travel home by train. At the train station I keep seeing the railjet that goes to Wien, to Salzburg and München. It arrives and leaves […]

The prayer of an old king

Allness of Worlds hear my words I was king for ages holding high office holding eager arms listen to me as I say I take back all the curses all the evil words that I have ever pronounced against any I beg for your forgiveness give me forgiveness as I give it humbly to all […]